Monday, January 26, 2009

Radishes - my first entry for Click!

Who can say these small, juicy, red beauties are packed with loads of nutrition or are so pungent, most people find them repulsive. I love to use these in sambhar, parathas or salads. Though these look very different to the Daikon variety found in India, they taste pretty much the same.

Today, as I opened a pack of these to cook, I was reminded of the wonderful photography event, Click, hosted by Jai and Bee of Jugalbandi. I have been following through each of their events. Love the pictures... this is one place where food becomes a feast for the eyes!!! So, here's my entry for January-2009's event which is "Red".


Soma said...

Thank you thank you! so much for visiting my blog and leaving those beautiful words of appeciation! :-)

veggie belly said...

I like radish too. I prefer the little ones raw, so I put them in salad. Theyre quite nice juiced together with an apple. I'm curious about the background in your photo. Ive been trying to guess what it is - a towel, snow?!

Alamelu said...

Hi Veggie Belly,
Thanks for stopping by. The background in my pic is SNOW! 'twas a tough one to shoot. I spent quite some time in the freezing snow to get what I liked. Though I was well packed, I couldn't click with my gloves on, and by the end of it all my fingers were freezing! But it was fun doing it anyway... ;-)