Friday, March 14, 2008

Raagi Dosay, Baadaami Haalu

I've been planning to upload a post on Raagi Dosay for a long time now...and Mansi's WBB-Balanced Breakfast event was the catalyst that actually made me do it :-). Reading through the event details, 'raagi' the humble grain was the first to strike to me as being 'healthy'. The dark, small, unassuming grains are a rich source of proteins,calcium and iron.

Nutritive value of Raagi per 100 g
Protein 7.3 g
Fat 1.3 g
Carbohydrate 72 g
Minerals 2.7 g
Calcium 3.44 g
Fibre 3.6 g
Energy 328 KCal
(courtesy: Wikipedia)

Raagi is used in a myraid of recipes throughout the southren part of India esp, in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. In the kitchens of Karnataka raagi is dished out in the form of Raagi Mudde, Raagi Malt(Beverage), Raagi Dosay, Raagi Rotti, Raagi Khilsa(Pudding), Raagi Ambali, Raagi Hurihittu etc., Maharashtra and the remaining states of the South India too have their own versions of raagi delicacies like, Bhakri, Puttu etc.,

I intend to post most of the above said recipes gradually. But for now it is going to be Raagi Dosay. Dosay spells 'weekend' and raagi helps in making up for the 'Balanced' part. This lacy, fragrant dosay is everybodys fav in my household. My parents to my in-laws to my hubby and even my lil one all really enjoy this delicacy. Being loaded with all the above goodies it makes me really happy to be plating out something so nutritious. And another great plus point??, ragi dosay is THE 'fast food' in all reality though it doesnt look the part. Forget all the worries about soaking, grinding and fermenting...So, what better than a healthy, tasty, 'laboriously prepared' looking, easy to make dish for a weekend breakfast??

The only skill required in making the dosay is the way in which you spill the batter on to the skillet/tawa. It is exactly like making Neer dosay, for those who are familiar with it. For other all I can say is that it is not like making normal dosay. Firstly, the batter is very thin, almost like water...and secondly, you have to make a whole dosay with just one ladleful of batter. You cannot put the batter in the centre of the skillet and try to spread it around. It is just not possible. Raagi starts to cook as soon as it hits the skillet and becomes non-spreadable. The trick is to spill the batter on to the skillet. Start from the top end of the skillet and work downwards. It would really help if you have a round skillet with raised edges, so that the batter will flow around and adjust itself to its shape and you will have a round dosay. So, have I succeeded in confusing most of you out there? Dont be deterred. Just go ahead and try it. It is easier than it sounds.... :-)

Mansi's event wanted us to balance out the different food groups like dairy, fruits, veggies, grain and nuts. So, instead of trying to incorporate everything into one single dish I kept them separate, giving it more variety. I added the refreshing, rich commonly known 'baadaami haalu'(you could call it dry fruits milk shake) and a fruit(a Pear in this case) to make it complete and balanced! Though 'Baadaami Haalu' contains Kesari(saffron strands) and other dry fruits like, pista, cashews and chironji too it is somehow referred wrt only Baadaami(Almonds), in Kannada. And here I cannot stop but mention the hot and cold baadaami haalu served at Asha sweets (esp, the Malleshwaram branch) in Bangalore. All my Malleshwaram tours invariably end with a glass of chilled Badaami Haalu from Asha sweets. Even my dad who hardly(could be even read as 'never') likes to eat out, treats himself to it whenever he happens to be in Bangalore.

Well, thats that, I guess. What are you waiting for?? Go ahead and indulge in the bliss of this balanced breakfast with your fav novel alongside....Have a wonderful weekend!

Ingredients for Raagi dosay :

1 cup Raagi flour
1/2 cup Rice flour
1/2 cup ChiroTi Rave(fine sooji)
1/4 cup Wheat flour
1/4 cup chopped Onions
1/4 cup chopped Dill leaves
1/4 cup grated Carrot
1/4 cup grated Coconut
2 teaspoons Jeerige/Cumin seeds
1 teaspoon Salt

Method for Raagi dosay :

1. Mix all the above ingredients well, in a big bowl.
2. Add water to the mixture, stirring constantly so that no lumps are formed.
3. The batter must be of a very watery consistency. You can add upto 6 cups(or more) of water to the above mixture.
4. Heat a skillet to sizzling(water sprinkled on it must sizzle away) but not 'smoking hot' point.
5. Take a big ladle full of the batter and spill it on to the skillet until the surface is covered in a thin layer of batter.
6. Drizzle a teaspoon of oil all over the dosay.
7. When done(abt 3 to 4 mins), use a spatula and slowly flip the dosay over. Cook for another minute or so and remove from the skillet and fold in half.
8. Keep mixing/stirring up the batter every now and then or just before making another dosa as the raagi tends to settle down.
9. Serve hot with any spicy chutney of your choice.

Ingredients for Baadaami Haalu :

2 glasses of Milk
4-5 strands of Kesari(saffron) soaked in milk
4-6 Almonds soaked in water and skinned
4-6 Cashews soaked in water
4-6 Pistachios soaked in water and skinned
2 teaspoons of Chironji seeds soaked in water
Sugar to taste

Method for Baadaami Haalu :

1. Grind all the nuts into a coarse paste using little milk
2. Add the sugar, saffron milk and the rest of the milk and blend until frothy
3. Serve chilled(this is the way I prefer) or heat it up if you like it warm/hot

Off this post goes to Mansi's WBB#20-Balanced Breakfast Thank you Mansi, for the wonderful opportunity. Hope to see a great roundup.


Mansi Desai said...

This is great Alamelu!! thanks so much for making this for my event:)

you have some lovely recipes too..welcome to the food blog world:)

Arul said...

Good diet breakfast alamelu.


Harini said...

Hi Alamelu,
I love Raagi dosas and tried ur recipe today. It was a HIT!

Thanks for this detailed recipe. I love the way you explain.

I reduced the water to 4 cups. I transfered the batter to a glass and poured it on the tava. Gave me some control in making the dosas.

Harini said...

Do you have the recipe of Rave dosae, without Raagi?
Would it be same as this same recipe minus the Raagi Flour and Wheat Flour? Could you kindly suggest?

Alamelu said...

Hi Harini,

thank u so much for ur interest.... am happy tht the Raagi dosay turned out to be a HIT :-)

for Rave dosay, as u said, just omit the raagi and wheat flour, add 1/2 a cup of maida instead Increase the qty of rave to 1.5 cups, and most importantly you have to add about 1 cup of sour curds or buttermilk and the other ingredients(onions, coriander, jeerige etc.,)...

Do try it out and let me know how it turned out to be....